What Customers Like in Interior Design: Budget-Friendly Interior Design Trends

To make your house feel more like home, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The days of all-white interiors and all-matching furniture are long gone. Pops of color, texture, and mix-and-match thrift store finds are all the trend right now when it comes to interior design. We all know how costly redecorating can be when a new color or finish is introduced, so here are some patterns that can be quickly implemented on a budget.

Utilize one-of-a-kind products

Do you have a set of personal collectibles that you can think of using?  Make them the center of attention in your house. These are the things that tell a story and, most importantly, mean something to you, whether it’s a quirky lamp, an antique tea party, a holiday centerpiece, or Grandma’s old chair.


Add a splash of color to your home’s decor

Marble and neutral tones are often a good way to make a room look polished, high-end, and tidy. However, adding bright colors to the room, particularly the current “in” color, can add personality to your space.

Consider blush pink or forest green, which are common at the moment but quickly become dated. Throw pillows, blankets, roses, wallpaper behind your bookshelves, and frames with colored trim are all low-cost ways to get started or simply play with the Pantone color of the moment.

Put up a gallery wall 

Children’s sketches, old family pictures, and even magazine pages will help you build the dream gallery wall you’ve always wanted. Flea markets, thrift shops, and yard sales are great places to search for cheap frames, or simply ask friends and family if they have any they don’t need.

Using metallic accents to the design

Everyone needs warmer colors blended into their homes for a more welcoming, grand look, which is why you’ve seen an explosion of shiny finishes on store shelves. However, since redoing an entire room is costly and time-consuming, opt for accessories like a brass soap dispenser or an antique copper telephone instead. Sometimes, these minor additions will give you the look you want without forcing you to substitute larger finishes, which consumes both time and money.

Not every trend is right for anyone or every house, but it’s still fun to play with your interior living room.

Written by: admin