Architectural Rendering for Real Estate

Architectural Rendering Advantages for Real Estate

The real estate industry has been emerging as a fast-paced and explosive industry every day all around the globe. The possibilities of 3D architectural rendering for real estate firms are coming to light. Hence, investing millions of dollars to gain some competitive advantages to reach clients faster.

However, it doesn’t matter you are selling a residential property or commercial real estate you will need a new marketing tool to grab the attention of your buyer.

The speed of the real estate market has increased dramatically for implementing new technologies and sellers can visualize their property to a huge number of buyers over the internet.

According to, it takes only 40 days period on average to sell a house in the marketplace where the delay was 90 days even a decade ago.

3D architectural rendering is the best way to professionally visualize your property to the client.

Let’s figure out how you can benefit from rendering your property before it is sold.

1. 3D Rendering Attracts More Client

Customers trust realistic shapes, dimensions, and colors rather than drawing. Measurement of your property with lines and 2D drawings is necessary for an efficient design but only 2D drawing is not suitable enough to make a sale. A client can relate his ideas about his property more easily with 3D rendered space. It’s hard for a client to refuse a well-rendered property when it matches his dream house.


2. Create Precise Drawing and Presentation

If you want to develop a presentation of your property then nothing can be a better option than a 3D rendering. You can visualize the actual space that all the interior materials will occupy. Moreover, 3D rendering helps you to customize the color and textures of your property to match exactly what the client wants.


3. Modify the Design in Real-Time

You can modify your property design if you change your mind anytime. Traditionally, An architect will make a blueprint and draw it,  on plain paper. These can be made with pencils, protractors, and rulers. He would pull out a big, pink eraser if tried to make a change to a design, and replace the section that was being modified.

You can update and reconfigure a computerized, 3D architectural drawing in real-time, and not only that, it can be done extremely quickly. To update these sketches, several mouse clicks are all that is required, and all the dimensions associated with the adjustments you have made will be modified automatically to fit with them.


4. 3D Architectural Rendering is Cost Efficient

3D Architectural Rendering is much more cost-effective than the traditional processes. 


However, the actual cost advantage lies in the time required to produce a model like this. Altering a design is much time consuming when a design is completely made. Time is money in the real estate industry, so being able to make adjustments and improvements to a design instantly would minimize the time for the overall process.

5. Step into the Property Through Virtual Reality

In a 3D rendered property, your client can virtually enter the property and can have a walk through the different spaces so that he actually realizes how the property really looks like and feels like. 


You can even model furniture and decoration inside the property or space with 3D architectural rendering.  Your client can arrange the spaces with the furniture they own and reveal how the interior really looks.

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