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5 Tips to Sell your Property at a Fair Price during Covid-19

You may face a temporarily steady situation in the market while selling your property due to COVID – 19 pandemic.

No worry, knowing a few unique ideas will help you sell your property quickly. You just need to have few actions to get the value of your property quite fair.

Develop 3D visualization of your property and post it on your website or social media to provide your buyer a 360 degree virtual tour of your property.

COVID-19 has created a hectic situation in the real estate sector and hence sellers are desperate to get a fair price. Be a little bit tricky in this situation so that you can negotiate effectively and win a better price on your property. Sprucing up the interiors, a little renovation, and enticing presentation through realistic 3D visualization are the facts that give your property a whole new look.


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Put a New Coat on your Property

A well-maintained and clean property gets attracted by buyers more easily than a clumsy property. If you are determined to sell your property then it’s worth getting some interior design or exterior design of your property. It will increase the impression of your property manifold to potential buyers.


Make your Property Presentable

Many hot selling properties fail to get customer attention only for poor presentation. Develop 3D visualization of your property and post it on your website to provide your buyer a 360-degree virtual tour of your property. If you are about to build a new property and sell it then a property with a good exterior rendering may be sold even before it is built. View some properties with realistic rendering and see how impressive the look they got after rendering the exterior.


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Listing on Real Estate Portals

Make use of online property listing portals to reach potential buyers immediately. Most of the listing portals online provide free offers to post your property on their sites. Get tremendous response on your property right after posting in a quality real estate portal.

Make Use of Social Media

Google search and social media are the meeting point of a buyer and a seller. Homebuyers are looking for properties online and most of them are staying inside. Spread your property in social media groups especially those associated with the nearby location of your property. You can open a google my business account based on your property location so that buyers can find you who are looking from nearby locations of your property.


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Consult an Architect

Designing the interior and exterior can be a matter of cost which might make you increase the sale price of your property. So, wisely consult with an architect who can provide you a stunning design at an affordable cost. One of the popular firms for interior and exterior design that provide their service online is  Rendering Hub. You can get your interior and exterior design at a surprisingly low cost from Rendering Hub


Choose your interior lighting which is energy efficient and get an environment-friendly design. A green home or sustainable home will induce your buyer’s interest rather than a traditional home. 

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