Duplex Residential House

It’s a modern duplex house project in the Yati,Cebu, Philippines. We have done  Architectural drawing & design, interior design & 3D visualization of this beautiful house.  This duplex house with moderate size is perfect for any medium-sized family. The wide glass block windows in the living room enable you to enjoy natural light while staying inside the house. The most favorite part of our client in this house is the roof-top refreshment space to spend some quality time in a green environment.

A duplex is either a single block of land with two residences on it or a residential building that comprises two units that share a central wall. A duplex house has several financial benefits too. You may get satisfactory rental returns from a duplex house. You may live in one property while your elderly relatives reside with you in a duplex house. If your elderly parents or grandparents reside there, you can immediately visit them and provide them with the attention and assistance anytime they require. This is especially crucial if they are suffering from health problems. Cooking, housework, and providing much-needed company are all things you can help each other with.

Building a duplex will provide you with ample space to enjoy a modern open-plan house where you can welcome family and guests at any time.

If you are planning to build your own duplex house, contact our specialized team of architects to get a house design at a very low cost. Visit our other projects to know more about us. We, Rendering Hub, is specialized in all kinds of architectural design, interior design, and 3d visualization services.